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Research into Non-Operative Treatments

The LES Society recognizes the challenges its members face in having access to the best research, technologies and techniques in order to have the highest outcomes when treating their patients. The majority of patients with pain will get better with non-operative treatments such as physical therapy. Only a minority of patients will eventually need surgery. Physical therapy treatment before and after surgery is currently a part of every treatment program. However, the LES Society believes there needs to be more research to understand the full role of physical therapy in spine treatment. Such research will provide a basis for optimizing physical therapists’ effectiveness in achieving better patient outcomes. The LES Society, therefore, will focus its resources to invest in research on the effectiveness of non-operative and operative treatment of patients utilizing physical therapists. As a not-for-profit entity, the LES Society will also look for opportunities to acquire financial support to allow for research funding and to grow its membership.

Connecting Patients with Physical Therapists

We also recognize that the demand for qualified non-operative healthcare providers such as nurses and physical therapists far outpaces the supply. In an effort to provide patients with the healthcare providers they need, we will engage outside companies to help us recruit healthcare providers, such as physical therapists, from countries like the Philippines that have a history of qualified English-speaking physical therapists. These physical therapists when available will help the LES Society membership treat their patients before and after surgery. The data from these treatments can then be utilized to further our research as we look to improve treatments and outcomes.


For the LES Society, advocacy means acknowledging the rights of all those involved with Less Exposure Surgery –whether they be surgeons, payers, government or patients. The LES Society establishes fair governances that advocate for each stakeholder involved in Less Exposure Surgery.

As part of our advocacy efforts, the LES Society will:

  • Work to develop position statements on topics relevant to LES Society members and to current legislative processes
  • Facilitate academic research and discussion of Less Exposure Surgery techniques and treatments
  • Provide LES training to physicians and healthcare providers
  • Educate patients, healthcare providers and the general public about Less Exposure Surgery
  • Provide non-biased, complete research on LES procedures and their outcomes to policy-makers

Society Policies

In an effort to promote 100% transparency and confidence in our educational programming, the LES Society has instituted a policy that requires all members and meeting registrants to submit Financial Disclosure in accordance with that which is required by ACCME.

The actions and expressions in providing education of the highest quality and/or in shaping CSRS offerings must be as free of outside influences as possible. Therefore, any relevant, potentially conflicting interests and all commercial relationships must be disclosed.

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