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The Less Exposure Surgery Society is leading the charge to prove through bench and clinical outcomes research that Less Exposure Surgery (LES) treatment options that are now more and more being done safely and routinely in an ambulatory surgery center are the best solutions to lowering the cost of healthcare improving outcomes, and patient satisfaction. By encouraging surgeons to believe that LESS is MORE we are also driven to grow our membership to ensure that we maintain a quality treatment standard through education and networking and performing multi center research studies globally.

[This society] continues to lead in techniques that decrease the pain of surgery and provide the same outcomes as standard procedures. Less pain, less blood loss, and quicker recoveries are the driving force behind these new techniques.

Jeffrey R. Carlson, M.D.

Harvard TrainedOrthopaedic & Spine Center

Great Input. Greater Outcomes.

Fulfilling the needs of both physicians and patients is the driving force at The Less Exposure Surgery Society. Our leading team of physician advisors combined with our renowned clinical researchers are committed to advancing patient care and physician practice. These groups work together with to develop cutting edge research, medical devices, and profound scientific discoveries, changing patient and physician lives for the better.



AANS LES Event 2012
Cocktail Event at NASS 2011
AANS LES Event 2012
Miami Workshop During SMISS 2012
LES Vegas Workshop Lab 2011
Dinner at NASS 2012
LES Jamaica Workshop Lab 2011
LES Phoenix Workshop Lab 2011

The Less Exposure Surgery Society hosts, attends, and sponsors events both domestically and internationally in our commitment to further the advancement of healthcare technologies and clinical research. From cadaveric labs to clinical conferences, The LES Society supports the clinical research community and bettering the field of study as a whole. To learn more about our upcoming events, click the link below.

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The Less Exposure Surgery Society welcomes additional research, event, and training opportunities. Our team of world-renowned physicians and research scientists are dedicated to advancing clinical fields of study and improving outcomes for both patient and provider. To get inquire about complete research papers, to provide a submission, or inquire about event sponsorship, click the button below:

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